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Throne of Glass Review

I had seen the popularity surrounding Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas for a few years now, yet it took me a while before I decided to check it out. It’s only been within the past couple of years that I’ve truly become spend-happy when it comes to buying books, and until then I mostly relied on being able to find something in the library, which isn’t always the case with extremely popular books.

Barely a chapter into the first book and already I found myself understanding the craze. The first book drew me in with its wonderful competition for the title of King’s Assassin. I found Celaena interesting, although there were certainly times when I may have rolled my eyes a bit. I mean, she’s a deadly assassin, she’s insanely smart, she has an obsession with books, and chocolate.

Not going to lie, when I read A Court of Thorns and Roses, I saw how much Maas has progressed since her first series in how Feyre was less of Mary-Sue than Celaena. She’s still likely somewhere on the spectrum, but Celaena almost seems as though she could easily take the cake there. Particularly when the bomb drops in a later book and it’s revealed that she’s Terrasen’s missing Princess Aelin.

Even with the strong Mary-Sue vibes given off from the main character, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the series. Just as I could see Maas’s writing progress with more well-rounded characters in her second series, I could see the same progression within this series, particularly as it went on. The first book focuses primarily on Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol. The last book has a large main cast who are all integral to the plot, and manage to be interesting and well-rounded characters.

The series is a lovely blend of action and fantasy, which is just what I needed when I first picked it up. The writing is compelling, and the characters interesting (particularly if you can get past any eye-rolling moments that might occur when you see badass assassin Celaena make herself sick by gorging on chocolates).

I also found it quite wonderful to see just how much the series progressed from what started as a simple competition for the King to a battle that could give Middle Earth a run for its money.

I will definitely have to be reading this series again sometime. After I’ve gotten over my current book hangover thanks to Kingdom of Ash, the final book in the series.

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